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The Walking Club of Bermuda was founded in 1990. The first officers were James Collins, President, Charlie Daulphin, Vice-President.

The Club meets weekly year round at 7:00 am on Sunday mornings. We walk for fitness and for the fun of it.

Below is an article written for Experience Bermuda 2008/9 by President Emerita Laura T. Gorham.

Walking Club of Bermuda

Since 1991, the Walking Club of Bermuda has had a weekly Sunday tradition of walking six miles at 7 a.m. Are they all crazy? Why walk so early? Well, in the summer it gets too hot when you start later, and the road traffic gets busy — which is not conducive to a pleasant group walk. Mostly they try to keep off the beaten track, using the Railway Trail and Tribe Roads and smaller side roads. If you join them, you’ll find a hardy band of stalwarts who enjoy getting their exercise in the company of a diverse group composed of young and old, black and white, fast and slow, Bermudians, visitors, long- and short-term residents. You could find yourself striding next to and chatting with a postmaster general, insurance executive, director of the Bermuda National Gallery, plumber, teacher or travel agent. The common factor is they all believe it’s more fun to exercise together, and they love enjoying the beauty of the island while doing it. And yes, as their unofficial motto will attest: They walk for food. Quite often visitors may find themselves invited to a local home afterwards for potluck or a Bermuda codfish breakfast.

Each Sunday, the club starts at a different meeting place, which keeps the scenery fresh, even for those who have been with the club more than 10 years — and there are several. There is an annual membership fee for those who become regulars, but the occasional visitor is welcome at no charge. They gather, sign in, form a friendly circle in order to welcome everyone, introduce any newcomers, share the route for the morning and then introduce themselves, each calling his/her own name around the circle. A little corny perhaps, but they feel it’s a warm and friendly tradition to make everyone feel welcome. The routes are usually circular, returning to the same spot for a glass of juice, but sometimes longer routes or one-way adventures are planned. Once a year, there is a one-way, nine-mile walk to Somerset Bridge, sometimes with hospitality at a local home and a ferry or bus ride back to Hamilton. Or a one-way trek from Shelly Bay to St. George’s, where quite often breakfast is hosted by the Robinsons at Aunt Nea’s Inn or by the former mayor of St. George’s, E. Michael Jones, at Caffé Latte, followed by a group bus adventure back.

The group always feels a great sense of triumph when one of the long-time Bermudian walkers says, “I’ve never been here” or “I’ve never seen this before.” It’s extraordinary what you can see if you walk, like the Admiralty House caves, Fort Popple at the Nature Reserve at the far end of St. David’s or the Lost at Sea Memorial at the Battery at Great Head Park. It’s also nice to simply enjoy a swim after a hot walk in the summer from Horseshoe Bay. Most walks start from the central parishes, but it’s fun to change it up a few times a year. A warning, however: These are not sightseeing nature strolls; the club is serious about getting exercise and keeping a fairly good pace. It’s not speed walking, but they’re not stopping to smell the hibiscus, either. Don’t worry though, as the club’s other unofficial motto is: No person left behind. Someone will always look out for you if you’re new or a visitor.

President Emerita Laura T. Gorham and Current President Lovette Tannock

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