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Walking Around Bermuda

The Railway Trail, a great place to walk runs through most of the Island – but the best part is from Paget west. Maps of six sections of the Trail are included in the East To West brochure that is available at Visitor’s Service Bureaus across the island. The brochure also includes essential information on each section including section length (in miles) and points of interest.

Bermuda National Trust tour of Waterville (Trust headquarters)and Paget Marsh. Guide Tim Rogers takes you through the gardens at Waterville, where you learn about the unusual plants and features of their traditional garden. view the elegant house, with its fine collection of antiques, and learn about life in colonial Bermuda. The tour continues through Paget Marsh, a Trust reserve and haven that provides a step back in time to view pre-colonial vegetation. Guests MUST book with BNT 236-6483.

The three Visitors Service Bureaus at Dockyard, in Hamilton and in St. George’s, are excellent centres for advice on the logistics of how to get around on our public transportation system and to any free lectures, walkabouts or events which may be scheduled.

Tim Rogers of Bermuda Lectures & Tours is a reliable guide (email: You may wish to phone or fax him ahead to see what he can offer on those dates: tel. 441-234-4082; fax 238-2773. You may even wish to pick up a helpful little book entitled “Hiking in Bermuda”, although this is easier to use if you have even a little familiarity with Bermuda.

Walking Tours
Tim Rogers’ walking tours are now nearly all private, bespoke tours available year round on Tues-Thurs inc. and Saturday’s. They cover local history, architecture, flora and fauna or any combo of. As a bespoke tour they can last 90 mins – 4 hrs and any area of Bermuda that is feasible . Suitable for up to 15 people or as small as 1. Reasonable rates.

Another pleasant and efficient way of learning about Bermuda is to combine walking segments of the Railway Trail with visiting museums. The “essential” museums I’d recommend for a quick trip such as yours would be the Commissioner’s House at the Maritime Museum at Dockyard, the Bermuda National Gallery in Hamilton, The Masterworks Museum in the Botanical Gardens, the Bermuda Aquarium & Zoo in Flatt’s, and the Globe Hotel in St. George’s, depending on where you find yourselves.

Websites and additional resources
Bermuda Railway by Simon Horn
Great Bikeways & Mile Trails Worldwide including Bermuda

Also, a site of interest for Caribbean Trips & Treks:

* The Bermuda Railway, Gone But Not Forgotten, Colin A. Pomeroy, 1993. ISBN 0-9521298-0-9. Book. History and operations, also information and photographs about rolling stock, stations, bridges and trestles, and other technical details. Printlink, PO Box HM 937, Hamilton HM DX, Bermuda.
* Hiking Bermuda. Book. 2003. 20 Nature Walks and Day Hikes. Cecile and Stephen Davidson. 160 pages. Standard hiking book format. A guide to the back roads of Bermuda, including the Railway Trail.
* Welcome to the Railway Trail. Bermuda Department of Tourism. A Guide. Divides the Trail into seven sections, each of which takes 1 1/2 to 3 hours to walk.

Annual Bermuda Events

Some of these events may be modified, rescheduled or cancelled. Please confirm details with the organizer.

3rd weekend in January
Race Weekend (10k; full and half marathon) for more info:


2nd Sunday in February:
PALS Charity Walk
15 miles, Dockyard to Hamilton


Palm Sunday Walk
2pm usually 6 miles
Annual National Trust Palm Sunday Walk

First Saturday in May: End to End Charity Walk
26 Miles; Middle to End: 15 Miles
Walking Club usually hosts the practice walks in April


Labour Day Walk/Run – 5 miles
Check newspapers for listing


2nd Sunday in October: PartnerRe Women’s 5K:
Help Fight Breast Cancer at the Fifth Annual PartnerRe Women’s 5K
For more information on the event, see their web site:

For updates and announcements follow us on our social media accounts: